Sunday, November 13, 2011


They declared him the horse of the year and showed him on the telly.

He had a rough night, didn't sleep that well. Lots of thoughts were roaming through his head and when he was about to finally fall asleep Rochester began to snore his muzzle off, fine for everyone who'd been dreaming already, but not for him.

"We'll see the Queen tomorrow, rumours have it", thought Sefton, but he wasn't actually very convinced about that. He looked to his left, a few yards away, and saw Zara, sound asleep. He'd known her for years, they met right after he came from Germany. Memories come rushing up to meet me now... She was Arabian, one of the finest ones, shiny black with a lovely mane, which she wore with great pride.
"She's so beautiful", he said to himself for the millionth time, "today must be the day". He'd have to tell her everything, there's no way out.

 "After the ceremony, I'll go and ask her ``Hey, Zara, who do you think it was more gracious than the Queen? You were``. Naay, that's lame and lame horses are put down (hihihi, I'm so funny today). Wait a minute, maybe it's a good idea to break the ice with a joke  ``Hey, Zara, what if we died serving the Queen, would we get an equestrian statue? You know, horses on equestrian statues, you get it?`` (I'm just on fire today!). Maybe I should not explain the joke, it never did me any good. But then, if she doesn't get it I'll lose the momentum. Damn it, I wish I wasn't that shy. Come on, Rochester, cut it off!".

He fell asleep but he woke up an instant later. It was already morning and they all started to get ready for the parade. Cedric was in a very good mood when he saw the sunny dawns. He was born and bred in the south of France and everything he missed was the sun. Falcon was the youngest of them all, he'd never seen the Queen before, he was the first to walk out, oozing energy and neighing happily in the July's morning. Zara was prancing merrily when Sefton found his way out to the courtyard ("And hold on to the dream...")

They were passing through Hyde Park following the strict routine of the Changing of the Guard. The Queen did not attend the ceremony that day. Instead, the same old tourists, always different ones, taking pictures of the procession. Then, the blast. A few moments later, he heard nothing but the silence of people and horses screaming and running around.

They fixed him and two other ones. When he returned to the stables and looked around he saw seven empty places, all still bearing the tags: Cedric, Epaulette, Falcon, Rochester,Waterford, Yeastvite. And Zara. What was the joke again that he wanted to tell her?  

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