Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beer To Our Heart's Content

It's about time. Enough beating about the bush, for too long now I haven't said a word about one of men's most favourite perks: beer. And it's soooo much to say about it.

Let's consider for example the Fundamental Law of Beer (aka FLB): A beer is not a beer, two beers is a beer! What an example for the humankind to follow: If two is one, then three is two, hence one again. And so is four again one and so forth and so forth. And the world will be as one... A lot for us to learn from beer, still.

Beer quells hunger. They say one beer (thus two, see above!) is as nutritional as four potatoes. Unfortunately, not many people know that, especially the police officers who tend to stop your car in the middle of the f*** night and won't take your word that you've only eaten 3 kilo potatoes that evening. Peasants!

It also takes care of the conversational part of your relationship. If you've had one too many, you'll have a great talk with your wife. All right, you'll be mostly at the receiving end, your speech will be teeming with words like "sorry", "never again in my life", "I'll never go out with the buggers I've known from high school", "it's a delight to see your mom this weekend",  but still, you'll  have a very animated relationship. Sharpens up the listening skills, too.

No no no no, I'm not going that way, I'm not a male chauvinist pig, don't make me loosen my tongue, it's not true that your date looks much better after a few beers. (Damn voices!)

But maybe the most important question we need to ask about the beer is "Who is it?". Why does it exist, what's its purpose of life, its destiny? And the answer is so clear, it's always been around us, just need to open the eyes and see it:
The one destined to make is a maker.
The one destined to heal is a healer.
The one destined to love is a lover.
Beer is just the one destined to be!


  1. That explains the panic when there's no more beer! :)

  2. For this post u deserve a beer!:)

  3. @Ioana: Thanks, I'll take your advice as soon as I get home :D