Me and the blog

Greetings my friends,

I already wrote a few words about the blog, you could find them here. But then I began being me again and of course I had to change it. It's not that the inside outs will not be part of the blog, but it'll not be the only part.

What I'd like to bring here is actually some pieces of me, small bits of who/what/how/why I am, hence the flobits. I still get it underlined in red by the spell checker but to me it seems like a perfectly good word: flobit. It is like an atom of me. If I put a few together I'll make a flobyte and so on :).

So what would I like to write about?

Well, let me start with the initial thought of wearing the inside out. I've always pictured the series of events like a matrix: on the rows are the facts and on the columns - the actors. When the news are brought up, the rows are displayed as information. For instance: "Yesterday the storm kept all the ships in the harbour, except for one shrimp boat, which eventually managed to return to the coast safely. According to its captain, Mr Gump, the shrimp catch was enormous.", would sound the news.
I want to transpose that matrix, to cast the light onto the actors first and use the events as a simple link to reality. It's much more exciting to be Forrest Gump in the eye of the storm and know what he felt in those moments. Or, even better, a shrimp.

Besides, I'd like to make people smile.

Although destructive criticism comes in so handy and it can be very funny at times, I'd like to stay on the positive side. I might write about a tragic story, but I will try not to play the grumpy man always in search for one's faults and flaws (don't praise my virtue quite yet, I'll make another blog for that :D ).

I'll probably write about cliches, I've got plenty of subjects: I am a man (need I say more? ), a Romanian (never ending well of dramas) living in Holland (of course you have an opinion about this!) and writing in English (I'd tell you more but we haven't been properly introduced). However, I'll keep them at a boring decent level, see the previous remark!

And first but not least, I am writing here to enjoy myself. If that makes two of us, it'll be the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)