Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas. Presents. Happiness

Warning: This post should not, under any circumstances, be read by children under the threshold of not-believing-anymore in Santa, grandparents included.

Christmas is gone, we all got our gifts from the loved ones as well as from our employers :D. We also struggled to find the best for our beloved family, friends, acquaintances and so forth. Quite often we get it right, other times we just don't. But, whatever happened, keep it mind that it takes two to make a present a success. It's the giver and the receiver who need to get in tune with each other, as we will see it in this story (of course based on a true one, what else? )

This family had two kids, twins, Matt and George. They looked identical, like two drops of water, you couldn't tell one from the other. However, the similarities stopped there, on the outside. For the rest they were extremely different, 180 degrees from each other. Matt was a merry boy, always looking at the bright side of everything, full of joy and extremely playful. George, on the other hand, was on the grumpy side, being annoyed by almost everything in the world and, however a good child otherwise, always complaining, even about the tiniest bits.

The parents loved them both the same, but they were concerned about George's lack of joy. For Christmas, they decided to devise an experiment, hoping that would help George find the pleasure in life. They decided to go extreme, so they bought the most sophisticated toys for George: remotely controlled cars, musical instruments, sports accessories, half of the toy shop was actually set in his room on the Christmas Eve night.
For Matt they put some manure next to his bed (I said they played extreme!).

Next morning they checked up on the kids and they started with George, hoping for the miracle. They found him sulking next to the mountain of toys:

"You really destroyed me", he bellowed, "look what you've done! Why on earth would I want so many toys? Think of the user's manuals I'll have to read! Then, after playing with them, clean the room and that's every single day! And of course, they all run on batteries. Fine for a week, then they will of course run flat and I'll have to spend all my pocket money to buy stupid things. And all my friends will make fun of me of course for that! This is the worst Christmas ever!"

The parents were aghast at his speech. And the worst was still to come. What would Matt say, with the pile of dung in his bedroom? What had they done?

They opened the door timidly, only to see Matt dancing and prancing around the manure, extremely excited and happy, clapping his hands. When he saw the parents, he let out a yell of delight:

"Yes, yes, yes, I knew it! It must be a pony somewhere!"

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