Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

As Christmas is almost here and you're all busy warming up your voices for tonight's carols or running around for getting the last presents for the loved ones, or unraveling the ultimate secrets of a delicious recipe (be it some dish or a cake), or vacuuming your homes (oops, that should be me actually, lemme hurry up a bit), or queuing up at the hairdresser's (I'm safe here, got a new hairdo, need a towel to comb) or cleaning the bathroom (me again!) or changing some nappies (cooooooomiiiing!!) or constantly checking the facebook for some blog updates (ahem!), but primarily because the brevity is the soul of wit, I will be brief!

Before I wish you, my dear friends, all the best in the world, I do have some strong hopes for some people: 
I really, really (I mean really really) hope that Mariah got him, whomever he'd be. Please God, it's the only thing she wants! Beg your pardon? You did everything godly possible? Thanks anyway. 

Georgie, hate to bring this up, but it might be you! Every single Christmas you keep whining of the last one. And I do not quite understand, are you sorry to have given it to someone or that the poor heart was re-gifted? Please do not make that mistake again, thanks! I'll check up on you next Christmas. 

My deepest prayer goes to Paul, though. Paul, if you must (again, really must!) tell us how simply having a wonderful Christmas you do have, please don't sing it! Reciting is fine, you could start with that, thanks!

And for you my friends, I wish you whatever makes you happy! I hope you've all behaved well this year and there are plenty of presents awaiting for you under the Christmas tree. 
Whether you're wealthy or far from it, a deep believer or a heathen, a giant or a dwarf, a frivolous spender or a stingy one, merry or grumpy, let's all share the same elation tonight!

Merry Christmas!

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