Saturday, December 24, 2011

Men. Christmas. Presents

I can't talk for others, but when it comes to buying presents I sweat like Mike Tyson at a spelling test. Especially when I have to do this for my wife, particularly for Christmas, specifically 2 days before Christmas. I want her presents to be special, she just wants them to be offered with love, but I'm a man, so I know better :).

The presents should not be that expensive, as those have already been bought together. And you can't just go ahead and by a black laptop! Come on, what colour is that for a laptop? Anyway, I need something that's not very pricey, not more than, say, 800 euros :D (kiddiiiiing!)

Then they should reflect something she likes. Something intellectual, that's always an easy getaway :), so books it is! Plenty of supply on the market. Checked! But when you think of it, it cannot and should not be enough, a  human being is more complex than that. You can't just leave it to the intellectual side, it would be like having a new girlfriend whom you respect and keep respecting for 3 months. And counting. I mean, respecting is fine, but there are so many other flavours around, if you catch my drift!

Anyway, back to the presents, I was looking for something neither expensive nor very cheap, neither too stylish (style is as beauty, in the eye of the beholder) nor too McDonald-ish, nor intellectual (she'd get my point with the books, remember?), nor geeky, self-evidently no ladle/colander or something corny of this kind. Shoes, clothes - ruled out, they need to be tried on first.

So here I am, sitting on the couch, alone with my predicament, trying the fire escape: music, she likes music! But we have everything in house, all 2 million songs in the world we have them. Wait a minute, we're missing an album, Mick Jagger's, we heard the song in a store about a week ago. If I only knew what that was again. She told me then, I nodded in acknowledgement, but actually I meant that I'd heard of Mick Jagger, not that I knew the song slash album!

I gave up trying to find a present staying at home and I decided to really go shopping, in a strong hope that I'd meet my muse somewhere among the stuffed shops. I put the little one in the buggy and off we went to the shopping centre. However, no trace of a muse whatsoever (no rhyme intended) but instead a continuously growing feeling that I'd go for something to wear: scarves or perfumes. And as I could not come home with the seventeenth scarf (the first sixteen are lovely gifts of mine too) I decided to try my luck in the perfumery.

And nothing beats the experience of two men in the realm of the scent mongers!
To be continued ...

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