Friday, January 13, 2012

Academic Beer

I've been very busy recently, that's how you didn't get any posts yesterday (no, I won't stop writing, sorry to bring that so bluntly). But now it's quite late so brief I'll be, no need to thank me.

So what I've been busy with? If it's Wednesday, it's tennis day. And you know how it is in sport, one thing leads to another and, before you know it, there are a lot more activities to do than you'd planned. Needless to say, all those activities take place AFTER the game. So I had a full evening, very rich in educational exercises. Right after the game, we decided, for once, to go for a beer. Unlike all the other occasions in which we went for exactly the same approach, but that's only boring details. And we know from the Fundamental Law of Beer, that a beer is not a beer, two beers is a beer. Besides, these moments come along with a great deal of confusion: how will I drive home? Well, you know that this problem occurs only in the very beginning, at the first beer. You need to take another one to boost your guts a bit and then everything's fine. You got the picture, right?

At home I got the chance to share my wisdom with my wife and explain to her some basic mathematical principles. The dialogues went more or less like this:
"So, how was tennis?"
"Great, I lost in two straight sets. Hihihi, I wonder how could I have lost in two gay sets"
"Funny! were you by car?"
"Sure, how else could I carry my tennis bag?"
"And how many beers did you have?"
"'bout (Beep)"
"Wow, weren't them a bit too much for you to still drive?"
Then I really felt the ball was way in my court and I prepared a Federerian forehand to return it. I would make it clear, once and for all, how  things work in the world of numbers and beer. And I'd do it academically, using the Inductive Principle of Getting Wasted.

"My dear", I began with a patronising smug face, "no reason for you to worry. The glasses were not too many at all, I'll prove it in an instant. To start with, every man has the right to a glass of beer, correct?"
"That's fine", she conceded, "ONE is fine"
"Right, but after one glass, you become another man, in turn entitled to a glass!". Advantage me :)
"Ok, Einstein, I'm tired, I'm going to bed. You and the other you had one too many and you'll snore your head off, please sleep in the guest room so you won't wake me up".



  1. She should have worried before when you were actually driving! I hope your guestroom has a fridge with beers inside.

  2. @Louis: She only worries when she's next to me in the car and I overlook the red light or I take the bus lane. Especially when I go in the opposite direction :))

    As for the guest room, I'll fit a fridge for you :)