Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Tyres

You know, every end of October, beginning of November, the proud possessors of a car begin the preparation for the winter to come. I'm not sure how it was done 5-10 years ago, but nowadays everyone seems to be in need to change their tyres.

For the people who live in Holland - good news, it's not compulsory for your car to have winter boots on. It would be ridiculous anyway, as winter and summer are about the same in the Netherlands, 10 degrees difference at max. You'd think that there's no stress at all, but things are slightly different. In Germany, the law is  not that permissive and the car that goes through the German territories must be equipped  for the winter.

If you don't have them on (and caught of course), you can be lucky and get away with a 500-euro-fine. However, history shows records of people who had to suffer much more, the most frightening punishment being by far the obligation to attend a schlager concert. And even if the Germans have a great sense of humour, this is vastly overcome by an even bigger sense of duty so, whatever you'd say to the cops, they will not be amused. You've got the picture, right? Wanna buy cigarettes in Germany on the 2nd of November, you'd better be in the ski mode.

Personally, my car has all-season tyres, problem solved for me. I have a friend though, who comes from a land where the sun shines even in the night, four hundred days a year, who brought his car along. He heard some rumours about such necessities and he asked me whether I knew some garages that would have such tyres, store the old ones, decent prices, so forth so forth. As I didn't know it exactly, I indicated a forum where he could pose such questions and he'd get an answer in no time.

He did it and he also got some reactions, among which one of this kind: "Is it really a problem for you to find one cubic metre to store your old tyres?". Now I rest my case, seriously. I still have one question to these people, whose answers don't add any value. If you have nothing to say, why don't you start up a blog?

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