Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tablets And Papers

I like to read newspapers, all kinds, as long as they are sports related. And it's so fine to do that online. The best part of the online reading is that you can simultaneously be on Facebook or chat with your friends at the same time. Imagine yourself some few years ago writing a letter while holding the newspaper! It would have been a bitch of a pen switch (no rhyme intended).

Anyway, until recently, a few small drawbacks still existed with the online news. You couldn't just sit at the table having a nice breakfast or sipping your coffee and read the morning news like in the good old days. And all this to your wife's delight! You just couldn't. If you had a desktop, case closed. With a laptop, well, a bit easier but not very neat - it takes half of the table, the battery runs flat just when you read the best gossip, the screen is of course darker (battery saving scheme, as if it ever worked), l o t s  o f  p r o b l e m s.

Then came Messiah, the saviour of all people who'd like to read the newspapers while drinking their delicious coffee. Tablets! In all forms, all black and white colours, for all tastes. And suddenly the problem was solved, breakfast was again served with the news, everybody happy!

We can forever kiss old newspapers goodbye, we have found the total replacement for it. Farewell to the ink-stained cheap paper with that scent of lead, too high a price we've paid anyway for a decent breakfast! There's absobloodylutely nothing the papers could do and the tablets couldn't (let alone angry birds, damn difficult to play on the paper sheets, but that's another story).

No matter how high the exhilaration of getting rid of the tyranny of papers is, we still need to eat, so I went to prepare the dinner asked my wife to set the dinner on the table! Point being taken, I brought the potatoes and asked where to peel them.

 "Just take an old newspaper!", came the advice. Which I did, I took the tablet, opened a newspaper's site, went to Archive (duh, don't spoil the fresh one!) and finished the job.

Now I am still doubting. Maybe I should not rush into the habit of getting too technical cause you never know when it might snap. What if we run out of toilet paper some day?

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