Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day At Work

Happy New Year!

Today was my first day at work in the new year. What a wonderful and remarkable day it was, you will not believe it. The first signs showed up very early in the morning when I took the bike and I had wind from my back. "That's odd", thought I, "Murphy must be sleeping".

At the office, I rubbed my eyes in utter disbelief, just to make sure I was not dreaming. The weeks I'd been away were used to the full and the offices were redecorated. Some desks were taken out and, I swear I'm not kidding, they managed to rearrange them so that everybody would get a nice view from their spot. Again, I never thought that such a design was even possible!

When I opened the computer, which was readjusted to match my posture!, I read an email from the staff in which they announced new policies for the employees. Which I gladly salute! There were a few good ones, among which one concerning the stress for those who do do the work - they are allowed one hour a day to spend on social networks, chat, blogs, etc, so that they would have the daily burden reduced.

Then, maybe the best one!, I spoke to my boss about various things: holiday, kids, resuming the work of the last year, new projects. In the course of the conversations he told me that, although unofficially, the promotion for which I had worked so hard would eventually land on my side. "Don't beat the drums yet", he added while patting me on the shoulder. You know, fuck it! I can't keep quiet about it, this must come on the blog at least.

One of the huge surprises came from the canteen. We used to have a crummy one, always crowded, with a parsimonious offer, mostly frozen things. Wow, wow, wow. They cancelled two or three conference rooms and they expanded the old canteen, transforming it in a nice restaurant. And the spread they have now, hat off! If you think that was all, check this: they dropped the prices by 50%. Long live the subsidies!

Just before I went home I met a new face at the coffee machine. The new secretary assistant manager of our department. You know what they say: a beautiful woman is one I notice, a charming one is one who notices me. She was a charming beauty! Small talk went on so easily, I told her about my blog, she was thrilled :).

Indeed, what a good day today! May it be copy-pasted for the whole year. As for my new year's resolutions, the most prominent one is to never give up dreaming!


  1. Haha, I was already thinking that the one sleeping was you, not Murphy! I wish all your dreams come true this year! I'm still having second thoughts about the secretary though...

  2. Hopelijk droomd Murphy niet als die slaapt. Alvast gefeliciteerd met je nog niet officiele, maar wel dik verdiende promotie!
    Groetjes, Adina

  3. @Adina:
    Mersi, mersi, nu ma las din visat, dupa cum am zis :D

  4. I expected the story to end with "and then I woke up" :))).

  5. @Lore: I was at work, so I had to wake up as well. To go home ;-)